Why Us?

24/7 Notifications

When seconds count, our technology keeps your belongings safe. Our interconnected wireless network of sensors alert you of danger in your home faster than any other sensors on the market, 24 hours a day.

SMS & Email Alerts

Text and email alerts for up to 8 emergency contacts.

Lifetime Flood Replacement Guaranteed

We provide peace of mind for the growing circle of homeowners who want to know their family and property is safe. We provide this assurance while you sleep, while you work and while you are away.

No Fees...Seriously.

Fully featured devices with zero monthly monitoring fees or functionality upgrades.


Flood & Freeze Sensors

Most homeowners are not aware of leaks or damage hidden under sinks, behind refrigerators, in laundry rooms & behind dishwashers until substantial damage and possible mold has already developed.

23 KT Gold Sensor

Automatically activates when in contact with water, or triggers a fault warning when in contact with metal.

Freeze Trigger

Optional toggle setting allows for a freeze event warning if the temperature ever drops below 40′ F.

PEEK Feature (24/7)

Monitor the status of your sensors remotely, 24 hours a day.

RF Wireless Connectivity

Sensor-to-sensor RF connectivity use specific frequencies to ensures a stable network between all devices in your home.

Email & Text Alerts

Events trigger email and text alerts for up to 8 emergency contacts. Customize the event notifications or opt-out at anytime.

Assembled in the USA

Carefully assembled and vigorously tested for quality assurance in the United States.

520Hz Bed Shakers

The Bed Shaker provides the most effective waking sound along with the added bonus of vibrating the mattress. This piece of the network will help to achieve the most important goal of any home safe network; alerting you while you sleep.

Square Wave Cone Speaker

More effective at waking children, adults over 40, hearing impaired and those who are inhibited with sleep aids or alcohol.


Vibrating Puck, HD LED Icons, Silence and Testing Mode Buttons

Unique Alarms

Your Bed Shaker Control Center will alert in different tones to differentiate the type of event trigger.

Proprietary RF Wireless Connectivity

Bedside Control Center for EPS, powered by our sensor-to-sensor RF Connectivity.

Self-Monitoring App

Our app that lets you see your home’s safety in real time. Without warning, leaks and freezing conditions can cause expensive damage. Our app alerts you before anyone else so you can make sure your home and property is protected.

Clear User Interface

Straightforward and easy to use interface allows for clear understanding of the safety of your home.

Adjust Accordingly

Need to make an adjustment to your network? Simply choose the sensor to toggle settings or location.

Global Compatibility

Change temperature units or use international SMS messaging? We’ve got you covered.

Remote Self-Monitoring

Our app allows you to self-monitor your sensors faster than any other sensors on the market, 24 hours a day.

Great support

Continually updated and refined to ensure the best network performance and notifications in the industry.

Reponsive design

Dynamically written to be available across smartphones and tablet interfaces alike.

"We just purchased Omnishield product. I have experience water damaged in my bathroom with the toilet seeping slowly between the flooring and the subfloor for years. If we would have had the water detectors, it would of prevented all the hassle that we went through." Edna
"My water sensors in my basement saved us from a much bigger water leak this morning! My mom got in the shower, alarms went off and she was able to stop before it got worse! Without the sensors she would've had her usual 20 minute shower and it would've created way more water. We've had this problem before so it was so nice to know before it got bad! Yay for Omnishield!" Paige Schmitz
"A water sensor alerted us that the washing machine area was wet. A few seconds after the alarm went off I received a text message on my cell phone telling me right away what the problem was and where. I shut off the alarms shortly, and alerted my daughter in law that the washing machine water sensor in their suite had gone off. Impressive how quickly this system alerted us to the problem, and how easy it was to solve the problem before it became an emergency!" Ray Viel
"It's been over a month now that we have had our ominshield. Today was the day for a water sensor alarm to go off by the water heater.The water did not come out of the water heater by a leak but by a gush spewing water everywhere. My husband and I were both home at the time and thank goodness not out shopping or watching a hockey game. I was pretty happy to be alerted promptly. I would recommend ominshield in a heartbeat to anyone that is looking for protection." Cathie Beauregard


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